Letters to the Editor


Oyster farm great research site

Editor, Index-Tribune: Drakes Bay Oyster Farm is a biological research site of significant value. Where else are biologists going to find a population of filter feeders with such an intimate relationship with the Pacific Ocean? Oysters filter sea water, have a short generation time and, because of this, lend themselves in the same way as… Continue Reading >>

Public input sought on City website

Editor, Index-Tribune: In order to serve the public better, the City of Sonoma is planning to update its website. Since our last website update, there have been many technological advances that likely impact your experience of our online presence. We know that part of our responsibility to our community is to maintain our cultural and… Continue Reading >>

Falling in love with Jack London Park

Editor, Index-Tribune: I moved to Sonoma in April and was married in June, after several years of visiting and dating a local woman here. I fell in love with Sonoma and bought a home here. One of its attractions is the Jack London State Historic Park and its programs, particularly the Transcendence Theatre Company. As… Continue Reading >>

15 women and the Davidjohn Quartet – Wow!

Editor, Index-Tribune: We just came back from an amazing, second annual community event – Solo Flight – Songs from the Women of Vox Populi. Fifteen women, whom many of us know as solid contributors to life in Sonoma, got a chance to belt out fabulous songs in front of a very talented group of musicians… Continue Reading >>


Kudos for keeping Jack London Park open

Editor, Index-Tribune: These pages are commonly taken up with contentious voices arguing over access to our local public lands. All the more reason, therefore, to celebrate the wonderful, cooperative effort that has given new life to one of our Valley’s jewels – Jack London State Historic Park. Not long ago, this park was on the… Continue Reading >>


Off leash dogs kill fawns

Editor, Index-Tribune: To all the loving dog owners out there: Do you realize that when your wonderful, domesticated dog is off leash, it will instinctively give chase when it sees something scamper, like a fawn? As a member of the board of directors for Wildlife Fawn Rescue, I know that one of the biggest reasons… Continue Reading >>


Vineyards should cut water use too

Editor, Index-Tribune: I applaud and agree with David Bolling’s editorial, “More fire under our butts,” on Friday, July 18. I really hope the state’s Water Resources Control Board does something more worthwhile in the very near future about curbing water usage in this state than the currentpathetically minimal limitations they are proposing. Here’s what perplexes… Continue Reading >>


Whose water is it?

Editor, Index-Tribune It seems that residential communities that have private wells believe that they can waste irrigation water as much as they please. I have witnessed Seven Flags and Temelec lawn sprinklers spraying water into the air at mid-day and afternoon on the lawns at their entrances. Most important, these wells are sucking water from… Continue Reading >>


Bring back Senior Wellness program

Editor, Index Tribune: I am writing to express my disappointment and sadness at the termination of the Senior Wellness Program at Sonoma Valley Hospital. The program was a valuable contribution to the large population of seniors here in Sonoma. My own personal journey at Senior Wellness started in April 2013, when the program in its… Continue Reading >>


Water reduction must include vineyards

Editor, Index-Tribune: I applaud and agree with David Bolling’s editorial of Friday, July 18, (“More fire under our butts”). I really hope the state’s Water Resources Control Board does something more worthwhile in the very near future about curbing water usage in this state, than the current pathetically minimal limitations they are proposing. Here’s what perplexes… Continue Reading >>


Who is ‘we,’ what should ‘we’ do about water?

Editor, Index-Tribune: Saving water is good, because it seems they’ve stopped making it. Underscoring the urgency, we’re told to save it because “we’re all in this together.” If so, we should understand who “we” is and what “we” should do. In prolonged drought, water effectively becomes a finite resource, yet we are rain-dancing past that graveyard.… Continue Reading >>


In cahoots over political terminology?

Editor, Index-Tribune: Social justice, open borders, income equality and amnesty, to name just some of the terms used by state and federal politicians in cahoots with journalists in the mass media, beg to be defined. I would like to know just what they, who employ those terms, really mean. Knowing that, I may be better… Continue Reading >>


Too much noise? Just move Arnold Field

Editor, Index-Tribune: Having been lucky enough to be born in the greatest town in the world 55 years ago, I believe I have a solution to the (noise) problem at Arnold field. We could have every athlete who has participated in a sport at Arnold Field, meet one afternoon and pick up the field and… Continue Reading >>


What’s with the bag around the I-T?

Editor, Index Tribune: Unless I’m mistaken (and I’m not mistaken), we are in the midst of a significant drought. Every morning I check the weather, and, sadly, I see no sign of rain. So a question: what’s up with the plastic bag surrounding my paper? Really? Come on guys, a simple rubber band (which I… Continue Reading >>


Social justice and charity

Editor, Index-Tribune: In a recent letter to the editor, (“More social justice, less charity,” July 1), El Verano resident Mario Castillo made an astute observation that confirmed my experience working in the nonprofit sector.  “I find it interesting that we rarely equate the need for charity with social injustice,” he wrote. “I would think that,… Continue Reading >>


Parks reunited at veterans cemetery

Editor, Index-Tribune I just took a drive to the beautiful veterans cemetery in Sonoma to visit my husband and check on the flowers. I was surprised to see two fairly new headstone right next to the Star of Honor, each with a fairly large American flag, that I hadn’t noticed before. Going closer, I saw… Continue Reading >>


Crowd creep danger during 4th parade

Editor, Index-Tribune: I was one of the volunteers at the Sonoma 4th of July parade. I was concerned about the safety of the spectators as “crowd creep” occurred, whereby people pushed further and further into the street. At one point, I saw a woman place three small children a full eight feet from the curb… Continue Reading >>


Make SDC a veterans home

Editor, Index-Tribune: Help our vets turn SDC into a veterans home. You have a great model, Yountville. Figure it out, Sonoma. Marge Everidge Glen Ellen  


Eye-for-an-eye makes whole world blind

Editor, Index-Tribune: The collective punishment against the Palestinian people in response to the tragic killing of the three Israeli boys has to stop. “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind,” Martin Luther King Jr. warned us. The killing of six Palestinians, the arrest of hundreds more and the brutal beating of an… Continue Reading >>


Make Sonoma roundabout leader

Editor, Index-Tribune Time for a roundabout! Never a second without a third – see Tuesday, July 1, 2014, pulse of the public. We are pleased that John Camajani, Sonoma expressed his views on the subject. I cannot understand, since 121/12 at Schellville was redone not long ago. We found it ridiculous to have installed “light… Continue Reading >>


We like dogs, not irresponsible owners

Editor, Index-Tribune I have been closely following the issues concerning dogs on the Montini Preserve. Up until now, I have been reluctant to share any of my wife’s or my experiences with unleashed dogs. Yesterday, however, we experienced a situation that we still find hard to believe. We were walking along a paved road when… Continue Reading >>


A society of slaves?

Editor, Index-Tribune: Poverty is manufactured in America. We make our world what it is. We build the guns, the boats, the planes and the trains. We create the poor. Did we abolish slavery, or just become more subtle in the implementation? Share croppers owed their lives to the company store. The economy today has cut… Continue Reading >>


Let’s start Stompers ticket fund for kids

Editor, Index-Tribune What a wonderful feel Sonoma had on July 1. The smell of food, and the music blending at Tuesday Night farmers market. The crack of the bat and snap of a glove at Sonoma’s very first Stompers game. It was like one giant festival. Yet there was one incident that melted all that… Continue Reading >>


Oohs and aahs over walking floats

Editor, Index-Tribune While the July 4 wind did not cooperate with the Community Center’s delightful pinwheels, the walking float set an example of what SCC meant when it urged us (in print here in the Index-Tribune) to dump the boring car show for the creativity and fun of homemade floats we made and oohed and… Continue Reading >>


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