Editorial: Thank you, Sonoma

Everyone’s heard about the economic challenges facing newspapers which, like radio, television, music and book publishing, are confronting highly disruptive technological innovations that are radically changing how people consume media of all kinds.

Editorial: Who says you can’t go home again?

“You Can’t Go Home Again,” the title of a 1940 novel by Thomas Wolfe, has been used colloquially to mean once you have left home, you can never really return. It won’t be the same.

Editorial: How to give when you go

My grand-aunt, Celeste Murphy, who was the editor and publisher of The Sonoma Index-Tribune from 1915 to 1946, wrote the obituaries for local residents who passed away during her tenure.

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Editorial: Where there be Dragons

The Dragon of yore is a mythical winged beast with a huge reptilian body, impenetrable armor of plates and scales, a row of sharp spines from head to tail, enormous jaws with hideous fangs belching forth fire as though from a blow torch. His eyes glow and his feet have claws.


Editorial: Who should be Mr. or Ms. Sonoma?

As the City of Sonoma once again seeks nominations from local residents for the 2015 Honorary Alcalde, my memory goes back to the first person ever named to that honor in 1975, August Pinelli. To most residents he was truly “Mr. Sonoma.”


Editorial: Good news at our hospital

In an era when tight budgets bring more grim news than good, there is a lot to be thankful for at Sonoma Valley Hospital, which has become one of the best in the country.


Editorial: Good-hearted folks in our town

I received a letter to the editor recently from local resident, Billie Dumas, who told of her experience at a local market where she was in the process of checking out with her groceries when she discovered her check wouldn’t take.


Editorial: Yes on SRJC’s Measure H

Many Sonoma Valley residents and graduates of Sonoma Valley High School have benefited from attending Santa Rosa Junior College. In fact, so successful has the nearly 100-year-old SRJC been in attracting Sonoma County students, its buildings, some of which are way past their prime, are bulging at the seams with overcrowding.


Editorial: Who responds when you call 911?

When you have an emergency and call 911, you’re not concerned about which fire or rescue squad responds, as long help arrives quickly and saves you, your loved ones and your home.


Editorial: Edwards, Brown, Hundley for Sonoma City Council

On Nov. 4, voters will elect three people to represent them on the Sonoma City Council. Incumbents Tom Rouse and Steve Barbose are leaving the council when their terms expire, while incumbent Ken Brown is running for re-election.


Editorial: Valley’s biggest challenge

If you live in Sonoma Valley your voice can be heard. If you care enough to write a letter (to the editor, or to a local representative), your opinion will have reach. Allies may come forth to join you. On most local boards, including Sonoma’s City Council, you only need to convince three representatives to vote your way.

The eight candidates for the three seats on the Sonoma City Council faced off again Wednesday night, Oct 8, at the Lodge at Sonoma. From left are Andrew Sawicki, Jack Wagner, Lynda Corrado, Madolyn Agrimonti, Gary Edwards, Ken Brown, Rachel Hundley and Cameron Stuckey. Photos of the individuals are presented in the order in which they spoke. (Photos by Robbi Pengelly/Index-Tribune)

Editorial: Love and hate in Sonoma

While retirement has changed me and allowed me to appreciate life in Sonoma more than when I was working full time, I’m not immune to personal bias and critical observations. I can be a curmudgeon with the best of them.


Editorial: Counting Sonoma’s blessings

The best thing about politics in Sonoma Valley is that virtually all of our elected officials are volunteers. It is not a career. Whatever compensation there is is very small or nonexistent.


Editorial: 137 and still serving Sonoma Valley

Would you believe that the Sonoma Index-Tribune is 137 years old? It was founded in 1878 and changed owners and editors many times before my great-grandfather, Harry Granice, bought it in 1884.


Editorial: A season of change

The first verse of Ecclesiastes 3 has about it a wonderfully universal flavor, in that it can explain, define and lay claim to almost every human experience and condition.


Editorial: Behind the Valley ‘portrait’

If the Sonoma Valley were a person under psychiatric care, the diagnosis might well be some form of dissociative identity disorder, a personality split between dramatic extremes.


Editorial: Cars vs. bikes is about proximity

Last week the three-feet law – officially known as the Three Feet for Safety Act – went into affect all over California, requiring motorists to keep that margin of safe distance between their vehicles and the bicycles they pass on the road.


Editorial: Groundwater regulation – at last

Without a shot being fired or a writ being filed, California has gone through an overnight revolution that could – or at least should – rewrite the regulation of what is, in times of drought, the single greatest source of water in the state.

Plein Air 01

Editorial: Keeping art alive with Plein Air

In Renaissance Italy, budding artists didn’t have to rely on bankrupt school systems to promote art education, they simply had to win the support of wealthy patrons, like Lorenzo de’ Medici of Florence, to win over a provider who would then finance several careers. Members of the Medici family, who were big in Florence banking… Continue Reading >>

The Transcendence Theatre Company. Robbi Pengelly/Index-Tribune

Editorial: Transcending space and time

Just up the road at Jack London State Historic Park, the Transcendence Theatre Company closed out its 2014 season with a blow-out-the-stops Gala Celebration that made small children cheer, women scream and strong men weep with joy. We have come to expect that the music Transcendence makes will be amazing, and it was. Co-Executive Director… Continue Reading >>


Editorial: Red, White and perfect in The Plaza

In the space of five hours on Saturday night, the Sonoma Valley Education Foundation managed to do all this: Throw a massive party for about 900 of its closest friends; included in the event students from the high school’s Culinary Academy, who prepared and served appetizers to the crowd; managed to move the throng so… Continue Reading >>

Retired Gen. Tony Zinni will talk about US foreign policy as part of the Sonoma Valley Mentoring Alliance Speaker Series on Friday, Sept. 19.

Editorial: Lessons from Gen. Zinni

In 1967, when the Vietnam War was raging across a corner of Southeast Asia, as well as across college campuses all over America, a young Marine lieutenant named Anthony Zinni was acting as an infantry advisor to groups of battle-hardened, indigenous Vietnamese Marines.


Editorial: It does take a village

Hillary Clinton was taken to task by conservative critics who complained that the title and theme of her 1996 book, “It Takes a Village,” somehow promoted collectivism which, as we all know, is one step removed from socialism and total government control of our lives.