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Editorial: Who says you can’t go home again?

“You Can’t Go Home Again,” the title of a 1940 novel by Thomas Wolfe, has been used colloquially to mean once you have left home, you can never really return. It won’t be the same.


Support for riparian ordinance

At a public hearing on Monday, Nov. 24, I’ll be asking the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors to stand up for the Russian River and our county’s important streams and creeks. The supervisors will vote on a long overdue riparian ordinance that will define what and how activities are allowed within 200 feet of a river, creek or stream.


‘Tommy’ is the best

The production of “Tommy” at The Community Center’s Andrews Hall is superb. We saw it and went back the following night. Sonoma Theater Alliance is to be congratulated for bringing such a high quality production.


Solve water issues before new projects are OK’d

I have been following the back and forth planning and the attendant revisions on the proposed Broadway at MacArthur, 20 three-level townhouses and an 8,750 square foot, three-story marketplace, with seven upstairs apartments for rental. Some planning commissioners felt that aspects of the proposed development were “too tall and linear.”


Soroptimists thank Valley for support

Soroptimist International Sonoma Valley will soon be celebrating its 55-year anniversary in the Valley of the Moon., supporting our international motto, “Best for Women.”

Editorial: How to give when you go

My grand-aunt, Celeste Murphy, who was the editor and publisher of The Sonoma Index-Tribune from 1915 to 1946, wrote the obituaries for local residents who passed away during her tenure.

Cal Focus

Will UC at last face up to out-of-state student dilemma?

It’s a dilemma that University of California officials have long refused to confront, but one they may soon have to face: How many foreign and out-of-state students can UC absorb and still fulfill its mission of providing an elite education for the very best California high school graduates?


What is a culinary promenade?

Your story on the front page Friday announced that the developers of the old auto dealer property at the corner of Broadway and MacArthur Street are dropping their plans for a hotel in favor of more housing is good news. There is a rental housing shortage in Sonoma Valley and that is a good location for adding some.


Linus Maurer on YouTube

I read your excellent article about Linus Maurer in Friday’s IT. Here’s an added piece of information that I think is relevant. Linus has a video documentary on YouTube.


Safety concern on West Napa at First

If the City wants to make some easy money, it should station a traffic cop near the corner of West Napa and First Street West. The officer could write tickets all day long to the number of drivers who violate the “Right Turn Only” sign.


I was glad to read that “improving “ the 121/116 intersection is years off. The more we accommodate people who are driving through Sonoma and its southernmost roads, the more they will use the throughways. If we make it easier for people to drive through, we simply get more people driving through.


Who’s in the basement now?

A letter to the I-T editor on March 5, 2013 titled “Tea Partiers Move Back to Parents’ Basements” recited the usual liberal harangue and concluded:

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Editorial: Where there be Dragons

The Dragon of yore is a mythical winged beast with a huge reptilian body, impenetrable armor of plates and scales, a row of sharp spines from head to tail, enormous jaws with hideous fangs belching forth fire as though from a blow torch. His eyes glow and his feet have claws.

Cal Focus

California focus: Arnold’s awful real estate deal haunts state

When producers named a post-apocalyptic television series “The Walking Dead,” they probably had no idea that title also would come to describe one of the worst moves Arnold Schwarzenegger made in his seven years as California’s most amateurish governor ever.


Never ship animals like luggage

The reported disappearance of a dog named Ty at the Los Angeles International Airport after he was checked with the baggage is a reminder of why we should never ship our animal companions like luggage.


I don’t need convincing

Your news story about Sonoma County postponing its proposed quarter-cent sales tax for road repairs made me laugh.


Editorial: Who should be Mr. or Ms. Sonoma?

As the City of Sonoma once again seeks nominations from local residents for the 2015 Honorary Alcalde, my memory goes back to the first person ever named to that honor in 1975, August Pinelli. To most residents he was truly “Mr. Sonoma.”

Valley Forum

Valley Forum: Shelter hosts needed in Sonoma

Sonoma Severe Weather Shelter, which was founded last year in response to the extremely cold weather that hit Sonoma Valley in December, has again committed to providing a safe, warm, dry shelter for the homeless during the winter months.


Don’t send troops to war

Here it is Veteran’s Day and I’m trying to wrap my arms and my heart around the idea of supporting our troops.