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Editorial: Public pool is not a threat to water supply

The Sonoma Valley is the only area in Sonoma County without a single public swimming pool, a deficiency that has weighed on the hearts, minds and purse strings of Valley residents since the high school pool was plowed under nearly a decade ago.

Valley Forum

Valley forum: New Mexico – Hispanic heart of America

By Bill Hutchinson (Editor’s note: This is the fourth in a series of blog reports from Bill and Lori Hutchinson who have embarked on a cross-country, blue-highway odyssey from Sonoma to the East Coast and back.) Gentle Readers – I fear I may perhaps be overburdening you with history and geology and geography, but, I… Continue Reading >>


Bring back Senior Wellness program

Editor, Index Tribune: I am writing to express my disappointment and sadness at the termination of the Senior Wellness Program at Sonoma Valley Hospital. The program was a valuable contribution to the large population of seniors here in Sonoma. My own personal journey at Senior Wellness started in April 2013, when the program in its… Continue Reading >>


Water reduction must include vineyards

Editor, Index-Tribune: I applaud and agree with David Bolling’s editorial of Friday, July 18, (“More fire under our butts”). I really hope the state’s Water Resources Control Board does something more worthwhile in the very near future about curbing water usage in this state, than the current pathetically minimal limitations they are proposing. Here’s what perplexes… Continue Reading >>


Who is ‘we,’ what should ‘we’ do about water?

Editor, Index-Tribune: Saving water is good, because it seems they’ve stopped making it. Underscoring the urgency, we’re told to save it because “we’re all in this together.” If so, we should understand who “we” is and what “we” should do. In prolonged drought, water effectively becomes a finite resource, yet we are rain-dancing past that graveyard.… Continue Reading >>


Editorial: Water officials want to light a fire

A headline in Britain’s Telegraph newspaper exclaims, “California takes drastic action to tackle worst drought in recent history.” News “anchors” all over Bay Area TV announce breathlessly, “Stiff new fines for water wasters.” Would that it were all true. Here’s what the state’s Water Resources Control Board announced on Tuesday: Californians will no longer be… Continue Reading >>


In cahoots over political terminology?

Editor, Index-Tribune: Social justice, open borders, income equality and amnesty, to name just some of the terms used by state and federal politicians in cahoots with journalists in the mass media, beg to be defined. I would like to know just what they, who employ those terms, really mean. Knowing that, I may be better… Continue Reading >>


Too much noise? Just move Arnold Field

Editor, Index-Tribune: Having been lucky enough to be born in the greatest town in the world 55 years ago, I believe I have a solution to the (noise) problem at Arnold field. We could have every athlete who has participated in a sport at Arnold Field, meet one afternoon and pick up the field and… Continue Reading >>


What’s with the bag around the I-T?

Editor, Index Tribune: Unless I’m mistaken (and I’m not mistaken), we are in the midst of a significant drought. Every morning I check the weather, and, sadly, I see no sign of rain. So a question: what’s up with the plastic bag surrounding my paper? Really? Come on guys, a simple rubber band (which I… Continue Reading >>


Social justice and charity

Editor, Index-Tribune: In a recent letter to the editor, (“More social justice, less charity,” July 1), El Verano resident Mario Castillo made an astute observation that confirmed my experience working in the nonprofit sector.  “I find it interesting that we rarely equate the need for charity with social injustice,” he wrote. “I would think that,… Continue Reading >>


The answer to the ultimate question

Forty-two. It’s the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything. At least it was for Douglas Adams and fans of his “Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy books.” It’s also the age I will turn this weekend. I’ve been reconciling with the notion this past year and, besides Adams’ spin on the… Continue Reading >>

Valley Forum

Trying to remain connected – on board ship

(Editor’s note: Pam Gibson – former city manager, author, journalist, non-profit manager and volunteer, and Index-Tribune contributor, is embarked with husband Mark on the third maritime adventure of their marriage, this time in a 32-foot Nordic Tug. This is part of an ongoing series.) PORT TOWNSEND, Washington – Living on a small boat is not… Continue Reading >>

Cal Focus

The case against red light cameras

There are few worse feelings for a driver than receiving a letter purporting to show that person in the act of running a red light. But not many legal items are less enforceable or reliable, despite what the California Supreme Court said in an early summer ruling that held red light camera photos and videos have… Continue Reading >>


Water reform – running out of time

At one time, as recently as the 1990s, there were well over 1 million acres of irrigated cotton in California, largely fed by cheap water contracts through the federal Central Valley Project and the State Water Project. Each of those countless acres of cotton consumed something on the order of three feet of water, or more, per acre of cotton a year – well over 3 million acre feet, which is close to 1 trillion gallons a year. Cotton in California was a very thirsty crop.


Op-ed: Tipping Points on drugs and immigration

By Phineas Worthington Illegal immigration has become a major part of the national political debate again. It is reported that drug war violence has created the social and political conditions for people to flee from Central America, the main origin of this most recent surge. It is also reported that the cartels control human trafficking… Continue Reading >>


Valley Forum: FISH needs more drivers and ride finders

By the FISH ride finders, Jerri Sheehan, Louise Biefelt, Carol Hanna, and Constance Winslow Each year, FISH provides about 2,500 rides to medically-related appointments. It is a service we provide for our Sonoma Valley/Glen Ellen residents. Our ride requests are for local and out of town rides, covering requests for life sustaining doctor, dental and… Continue Reading >>


Parks reunited at veterans cemetery

Editor, Index-Tribune I just took a drive to the beautiful veterans cemetery in Sonoma to visit my husband and check on the flowers. I was surprised to see two fairly new headstone right next to the Star of Honor, each with a fairly large American flag, that I hadn’t noticed before. Going closer, I saw… Continue Reading >>


Crowd creep danger during 4th parade

Editor, Index-Tribune: I was one of the volunteers at the Sonoma 4th of July parade. I was concerned about the safety of the spectators as “crowd creep” occurred, whereby people pushed further and further into the street. At one point, I saw a woman place three small children a full eight feet from the curb… Continue Reading >>


Make SDC a veterans home

Editor, Index-Tribune: Help our vets turn SDC into a veterans home. You have a great model, Yountville. Figure it out, Sonoma. Marge Everidge Glen Ellen  


Eye-for-an-eye makes whole world blind

Editor, Index-Tribune: The collective punishment against the Palestinian people in response to the tragic killing of the three Israeli boys has to stop. “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind,” Martin Luther King Jr. warned us. The killing of six Palestinians, the arrest of hundreds more and the brutal beating of an… Continue Reading >>


Make Sonoma roundabout leader

Editor, Index-Tribune Time for a roundabout! Never a second without a third – see Tuesday, July 1, 2014, pulse of the public. We are pleased that John Camajani, Sonoma expressed his views on the subject. I cannot understand, since 121/12 at Schellville was redone not long ago. We found it ridiculous to have installed “light… Continue Reading >>


Gun culture is hard to change

With the announcement by District Attorney Jill Ravitch that criminal charges will not be brought against Sheriff’s Deputy Eric Gelhaus, the tragedy of Andy Lopez returns to haunt us anew.


Op-ed: The case for a $15 minimum wage

For many decades, the wages of American workers increased annually, sometimes greater and sometimes less so, but they increased. To a large degree, that’s what created and built a substantial and vibrant middle class.


Making college dream possible for Maria Ayala

I woke up this morning thinking about Maria. She is a young Latina girl living in Sonoma who just graduated with honors from Sonoma Valley High School with a 3.5 GPA and a strong interest in math and science.


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