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Nancy King

‘Paws’ was cool, quake wasn’t

Happy September Sonoma! It just seems a bit quieter in town now that the kids are back in school, doesn’t it? Since my last writing on Aug. 15, so much has happened, I don’t know where to begin.


An oxymoron called ‘family vacation’

When the county in which one lives annually takes top rankings as a travel destination, it’s hard to wonder why any of us would want to leave. Yet, every summer, flights are booked, trailers are hitched and real life is packed and stowed, a ritual charade of alleged fun and frivolity called “family vacation.”


Funding a web series on con fans

Welcome to Conlandia, the mythical land of full-bore fandom that’s one crowdfund campaign away from being slightly less mythical.

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‘Shrew,’ ‘Alice’ are productions worth seeing

On a recent early morning my friend, blogger Stephanie Sugars, alerted me to the slight chill in the air, a turning toward autumn. She expresses it as the “arc into autumn,” and suggests we “look up at the sky and stand close to a plant.”

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Tea and talk with Fran Meininger

Often enough in this column I’ve sung the praises of local folks who do good in our town and in our Valley. Few, I feel, would match up to the subject of today’s column. Truly she’s an exemplary woman, someone I’ve admired for many years.


Rewriting, laundry and the deadline hangover

Been rewriting a novel which I’ve paced out, at least at present, to a three page or thousand-word-a-day fixer upper. As always, the most difficult part of the gig is actually sitting in the chair, which, given the generative part of my process, is a foreign notion.

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Glen Ellen Fair set for Oct. 12; visiting the progeny

Despite the empirical evidence that we’re deep in the dry throes of summer – hot days, cool evenings as the fog moves in, and grasses already a golden yellow – we had a little rain last week, an early morning, brief shower, a blessing that was over too soon. Today already, I bring you news for October.


Remembering David Robbins, aka Ian Billings

My first meaningful exchange with Dave Robbins, our expat Brit poet, hirsute charmer and one-man wrecking crew of pretense, occurred when I was knocking around with an open bottle of wine.

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Remembering the ’06 quake at Lotta’s Fountain

So far, in my long life, I’ve rarely gotten up at 2 a.m. In fact, at that hour I’m more likely heading for bed after an interesting evening. Such wasn’t the case on this past April 18 however. I was up at 2, well, 2:15 to be perfectly honest, unable resist my alarm’s snooze button at that hour. By 3:20, I was waiting on the street in Sonoma to meet a dear friend. A quick change of cars and we were off on an adventure.

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Lexy Fridell’s one-woman show; Jack London book group

Certainly this is not news to anyone who saw Lexy Fridell’s solo show this past weekend at Chateau St. Jean Winery: Wow! That woman is talented. Hilarious at times, then poignant and touching, she is a talented actress, with a singing voice to match. I was duly impressed with her control, be it comic, operatic or melodic.


A web serial is not a breakfast food

When you say “web serial” out loud, it sounds like Spiderman’s breakfast. It’s a shame the term is so dopey, because what it stands for is a quiet revolution in publishing that proves the adage “everything old is new again.”

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How green is your garden; enjoying tea at Filoli’s

This has been a summer of visiting grand and glorious gardens. It all started with urging by my friend Ann Peden, who was the co-chair of the Sonoma Master Gardeners Tour, which I thoroughly enjoyed. It’s a new activity for me. I am not, by any means, a gardener myself.