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Enjoying a ‘rosy fingered dawn; a visit from a big cat

Last week I experienced a phenomenon that I’ve been waiting to see for a lifetime. Rising around 6 a.m., I watched Homer’s proverbial “rosy-fingered dawn” fill the eastern sky with an array of colors not unlike the Peace Rose.


Lumavilla unbound

I distinctly remember the bright day in front of Fig, 10 years ago, when an editor lamented my fate as a “generalist.” That is to say, I was a writer without a particular niche. I had breadth in many subjects but depth in none, just when the granularity of the web was beginning to evince itself in the ever-shifting sands of search-engine-optimization and such things suddenly mattered.

Nancy King

Pets and humans coping with time change

Happy November Sonoma! How are you and your animals coping with the time change? Mine are not as quick to accept as I’d like with nudges to get up way too early. Hopefully they’ll catch on soon.

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Planting a new flagpole, Eagle projects at regional park

Whichever side of the fence you’ve been leaning toward, today’s the day to jump off, trot down to your local polling place and cast your vote. It is, indeed, a blessed day when we all have the opportunity to close the curtain and vote what we know in our hearts to be right.


Behind the masque

A blend of pantomime, oration, music and dance, the “masque” is a theatrical form that flourished in the 16th century but was abandoned in the following one as new entertainment technologies took center stage – namely puppet shows and costumed animal acts (the YouTube of their time).


Discovering an anomaly in a film

The fallout from taking my wife to see “Gone Girl” wasn’t that she would be inspired to destroy me by writing a fictional redux of our marriage (I’m doing fine with that myself), or that I had to to rid our home of boxcutters lest I find myself wearing a so-called Columbian necktie. No, the fallout came in the form of a heated mid-movie discussion about milk.

Kathleen Hill has the inside scoop on food and wine.

Woman falls into wine vat; Afternoon Tea; Fire House pancakes Sunday; Community Olive Press days; Travels with Henri No. 5

According to mirror.co.uk, 25-year-old wine specialist Nerea Pérez fell into a wine vat after being overcome by fumes and lost her balance while watching the fermentation process. A leading Socialist political figure in her hometown of Ponferrada, El Bierzo, Spain, Pérez apparently drowned and paramedics could not revive her. They also treated her shocked and saddened family members.

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Sunday is the grand and glorious Glen Ellen Fair

We know where we’ll be this weekend: at home in our town. Yes, dear readers, this Sunday, Oct. 12, is our 24th annual Glen Ellen Village Fair, replete with beloved parade, excellent food, fine wine, clever crafts, music and more.


Pettales: Fr. Mike to bless animals Saturday

Happy Harvest Sonoma! Yes, the leaves are changing color, the vineyards are lit up at night for harvest and the Plaza was brimming with grape lovers all last weekend. The Vintage Festival is a wonderful celebration unique to our little burg. I hope we keep it going forever.

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Fair’s grand marshal’s legacy is longer than her resume

Our Glen Ellen Village Fair is set for Sunday, Oct. 12, with the gala parade beginning at noon. The board members of the Glen Ellen Village Fair Association have chosen a most appropriate grand marshal to lead the parade this year. Any guesses for the identity of the prominent Glen Ellen citizen, who hailed originally from San Francisco, where she raised four children and countless flowers? Who once ran a garden remodeling business there?

Kathleen Hill has the inside scoop on food and wine.

Williams-Sonoma opening updates; Corner 103 tasting room coming; got figs? Travels with Henri episode No. 2

Williams-Sonoma has a string of events scheduled for their “re-opening” on Broadway next weekend. Sondra Bernstein and John Toulze, of the girl & the fig, will cater some private doings and pizza and prosecco for company folks and local office holders, on Thursday, Oct. 2, followed by media tours and a ribbon cutting on Friday, Oct. 3, and a Valley-wide free thank-you breakfast Saturday, Oct. 4, from 8:30 to 9:30 a.m. in the two “front” quadrants of Sonoma Plaza facing Napa Street.

Nancy King

Fr. Mike will bless animals

Happy autumn Sonoma! Although there is less light at the end of the day, this is a beautiful time of year in the wine country. Perfect for walking through the vineyards with your dog. I always try to guess which type of wine it is by the color of the leaf, but I don’t think that always plays out.

Kathleen Hill has the inside scoop on food and wine.

Back from France; Ceja closes Napa tasting room; Sonoma 10th quirkiest in U.S.?; Whole Hog Feast at Grange; Travels with Henri

Yes, we are back from our fabulous trip to France in quest of flea markets and farmers markets, all organized by Chateau Sonoma’s Sarah Anderson. I couldn’t possibly pass up the chance to add old French kitchen utensils, food signs, and cracker tins to my Kathleen Thompson Hill Culinary Collection, visit gorgeous local farmers markets and learn to cook a few dishes from a marvelous chef in a chateau.

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Browsing through the books of Valley writers

September is already on the wane and you know what that means. Yes, the annual day of frolic and fun in our town, the Glen Ellen Village Fair, arrives soon. Oct. 12, at high noon, is when the gala parade begins its slow roll down Carquinez, onto Arnold, bursting forth into an afternoon of food, friends and more fun. Latest news about that in a coming column.

Nancy King

‘Paws’ was cool, quake wasn’t

Happy September Sonoma! It just seems a bit quieter in town now that the kids are back in school, doesn’t it? Since my last writing on Aug. 15, so much has happened, I don’t know where to begin.