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Remembering the ’06 quake at Lotta’s Fountain

So far, in my long life, I’ve rarely gotten up at 2 a.m. In fact, at that hour I’m more likely heading for bed after an interesting evening. Such wasn’t the case on this past April 18 however. I was up at 2, well, 2:15 to be perfectly honest, unable resist my alarm’s snooze button at that hour. By 3:20, I was waiting on the street in Sonoma to meet a dear friend. A quick change of cars and we were off on an adventure.

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Lexy Fridell’s one-woman show; Jack London book group

Certainly this is not news to anyone who saw Lexy Fridell’s solo show this past weekend at Chateau St. Jean Winery: Wow! That woman is talented. Hilarious at times, then poignant and touching, she is a talented actress, with a singing voice to match. I was duly impressed with her control, be it comic, operatic or melodic.


A web serial is not a breakfast food

When you say “web serial” out loud, it sounds like Spiderman’s breakfast. It’s a shame the term is so dopey, because what it stands for is a quiet revolution in publishing that proves the adage “everything old is new again.”

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How green is your garden; enjoying tea at Filoli’s

This has been a summer of visiting grand and glorious gardens. It all started with urging by my friend Ann Peden, who was the co-chair of the Sonoma Master Gardeners Tour, which I thoroughly enjoyed. It’s a new activity for me. I am not, by any means, a gardener myself.

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Morgan’s group leads charge for new marine sanctuary

Welcome to July, my natal month. Always the best month for parties. As a child, I celebrated my birthday with picnics, circuses and much summer silliness. Away from school, we could bike to the Carnegie Library, anticipating ice cream and cake as we hurried home, our bicycle baskets filled with books.

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Dedicating Hap Arnold’s roundabout; poetry open mic

See you all this Saturday evening, June 28, at the main Glen Ellen Firehouse, 13445 Arnold Drive for the annual dinner and dance. I guarantee great food, good fun, and neighborly visits. The party begins with a hearty dinner served from 7 to 9 p.m., while dancing continues until midnight.

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Pet Tales: Looking out for coyotes

Happy summer solstice Sonoma! I love this time of year when the days seem endless. I especially like taking Doc out for an evening stroll after it cools down from a hot summer day. We always go for a walk when I get home, but now he gets two romps before bedtime so by 9 p.m. he’s out like a light, snoring up a storm and dreaming about liver treats and tennis balls.

Kathleen Hill has the inside scoop on food and wine.

Open Table sold for $2.6 billion; Holy holes! Aventine to open June 24; Last Wednesday Food Group meets at Readers’ Books; Olive Press wins more medals

If you make restaurant reservations online, you helped this sale happen: Priceline Group just bought OpenTable for $2.6 billion, with a ‘B.’ Is anyone else suffering whiplash from all these billions flying around? Chuck Templeton founded OpenTable in 1998 in San Francisco to help locals make restaurant reservations online. It now includes more than 30,000 restaurants worldwide.

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Glen Ellen has permanent postmaster; firefighters dance coming

Kiddo signups You’ve still got time to sign your kiddo into the Glen Ellen Community Church’s annual vacation Bible School, beginning Monday, June 30, through Thursday, July 3. All the details were in last week’s column, but if you still have questions, either visit the church’s website, gechurch.com, or call Pastor Jim Hill at 996-1479.… Continue Reading >>


Also-ran is polite term for loser

The dictionary app on my phone has a word of the day. Today, it’s “also-ran.” What a way to start the day. The app might as well have offered up “existential crisis” or “loser” instead of playing cute with the sports vernacular. Ever since HAL in “2001: A Space Odyssey,” there’s been a pervasive notion… Continue Reading >>

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Watching another Dunbar class graduate; vacation bible school

Today’s Glen Ellen news is all about kids – their promotions, their awards and their summer plans. But as you read about all of these Glen Ellen stars, look around and find your own examples of stellar children in your own community, at your own local school.


D-D-Day, Drop Dead Legs and the Sausalito Sausage

Today marks the 70th anniversary of D-Day, the seaborne invasion of German-occupied Normandy that proved a decisive Allied victory but with 4,414 confirmed dead. D-Day is called such for the same reason H-Hour has its name (and in print both look like a stutter). One might suspect there are also an M-Minute and perhaps an… Continue Reading >>

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Summer camp starts next week, two afternoon camps added

Greeting Sonoma! Our ninth annual Summer Camp starts on Monday, June 9, and we are very excited to welcome the children into the shelter for the summer. I love camp days, especially watching 12-to-15 complete strangers sitting around the picnic table at 9 a.m. Monday who become pals for life by Friday at noon. They… Continue Reading >>

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Garden tours, Miles Votek’s show and remembering Tim Murphy

Backyard blooms A reminder: If you haven’t yet purchased your ticket to tour some lovely local gardens in Blooming Backyards this weekend, you can still pick up a “day-of” tickets at Hanna Boys Center where one of the shuttle buses awaits you. Don’t miss these never-before-open-to-the-public gardens, each unique and special. Ann Peden has coordinated… Continue Reading >>

Nancy King

Summer camp starts; don’t leave dogs in cars

Greetings Sonoma! Ahhh, summer is upon us and I like it! Our ninth annual Kids Summer Camp starts June 9, so if you haven’t signed up yet, please do so now. It is filling up quickly and is one of the more popular camps in town. We have Lynette Lyon who will join us at… Continue Reading >>


Naked poets and Folie à deux

Those of a certain generation may recall Herb Caen, the erstwhile San Francisco Chronicle columnist who anchored the Macy’s ad next to his daily forays into what he called “three dot journalism.” I never met Caen but my mother, when a bank VP, retained his services as an on-call personality. This was during the rollicking… Continue Reading >>

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Garden tours: bees, succulents, chickens, butterflies

Righteous nature My friend Ann Peden is a formidable woman. She spent the second half of her career as a headhunter and she can size up almost anybody with a glance. Plus, she doesn’t suffer fools gladly. But she is also a warm and loving grandmother, compassionate and fun-loving friend, and an engaged community volunteer.… Continue Reading >>

Al Mazza

Remembering Al Mazza

I saw a poster this week announcing the 5th annual Al Mazza Memorial Best Ball Golf Tournament, set for Friday, May 30, at Oakmont. The event, sponsored by the Sonoma Valley Firefighters Association, is a way to honor the memory of a great Sonoman who not only served our community as a firefighter and fire… Continue Reading >>


Monied orcas, manic rodeos and a rancid moose

To some, the term “brand ambassador” conjures images of buxom young women stuffed into tight, logo-emblazoned T-shirts, deployed to hip bars and offering shots of a new, smartly-packaged, candy-flavored liquor to Millennials. This is not me. I’m the cad who ends up wearing the candy-flavored liquor when my saucy attempt at humor fails to cross… Continue Reading >>


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