Girl Scout information sessions set Sept. 7, 10

Sonoma Girl Scouts are hosting two information events for parents and girls to learn more about starting or joining a Girl Scout troop, and the fun opportunities available through scouting. Anyone interested in volunteering with Girl Scouting is also welcome to attend these events.

A USGS map of the major faults in the Bay Area.

Next Valley earthquake – not if, but when

Along with the upside of world-class wineries, a robust cuisine culture and Sonoma’s location at the birthplace of the Bear Republic, Valley residents have learned to live with the downside: They’re riding along a strike slip fault zone of two of the planet’s major plates that are moving in opposite directions.

PHYLLIS CARTER has been driving for FISH, Friends In Sonoma Helping, for 25 years. Robbi Pengelly/Index-Tribune

FISH in dire need of drivers

Twenty-four years ago, FISH (Friends In Sonoma Helping), had 27 drivers handling as many as 50 calls a month from people who had medical appointments.

Plastic bag ban takes effect Monday

Hailing “an important new ordinance that will help reduce landfill,” the Sonoma County Waste Management Agency is reminding everyone that Monday, Sept. 1, is when the much-debated countywide ban on plastic bags finally takes effect.

Wineries: Business as usual

Four days after the worst earthquake in the Bay Area in 25 years, wineries have spruced things up and are open for business.

City of Sonoma Plans Examiner Joe Burroughs is one of two City of Sonoma employees who helped with building assessments in quake-ravaged Napa this week.

City aids Napa with building safety inspections

Following the recent earthquake that caused more than an estimated $300 million in structural damage in Napa, the City of Sonoma Building Department sent two-thirds of its staff to the City of Napa for assistance with earthquake safety assessments.

Jenny Kovacs and her husbnd, Adam, have opened Sonoma Cycle Fit that combines indoor cycling and a TRX studio, the only one of its kind in Sonoma.

Sonoma Cycle Fit opens

There are many motivations for getting fit, but Jenny Kovacs has a particularly compelling one. After six months of chemotherapy for Hodgkin’s lymphoma, the mother of two was feeling “sick, weak and exhausted. I decided enough was enough, and that I would take charge of my health. I began exercising and eating more healthfully. I began to feel better almost immediately and I’ve never turned back.”

Garden club hosts Przybycien

Master Gardener Dennis Przybycien will give a talk and power point presentation on “Minimum Impact in the Garden – Safe use/non-use of chemicals for fertilizing, and control of pests, disease and weeds” at the Valley of the Moon Garden Club meeting on Thursday, Sept. 4.

Chamber, city survey extended to Sept. 3

Sonoma Valley has more than 2,000 businesses, and the Economic Development Partnership of the city and the Sonoma Valley Chamber of Commerce is hoping to hear from many of them.

JAVIER BARRIOS cleans up the cereal aisle early Sunday morning at Sonoma Market. Barrios was part of the crew cleaning up in the aftermath of the 6.0 earthquake that struck at 3:20 a.m. Bill Hoban/Index-Tribune

The Quake

A 6.0 earthquake that shook Sonoma Valley at 3:20 a.m. Sunday caused objects to fly off shelves and walls, but, outside of unreported damages at local wineries, didn’t cause any major damage locally. Napa was a different story, see story below. A large portion of the Valley lost power, but by 10 a.m. Sunday, power… Continue Reading >>

SONOMA VALLEY FIREFIGHTERS survey a small lake of wine outside the Sebastiani Winery Sunday morning. Bill Hoban/Index-Tribune

Wineries lose product

Wineries didn’t escape the effects of Sunday morning’s 6.0 earthquake. The grapes on the vines were unaffected, but some of the barrel storage warehouses in Sonoma took a hit.

The quarterly Friends of the Sonoma Valley Library’s book sale wrapped up Saturday and raised about $13,500 from the sale. Robbi Pengelly/Index-Tribune

Looking for books

The quarterly Friends of the Sonoma Valley Library’s book sale wrapped up Saturday and raised about $13,500 from the sale. The books sold are not used library books, they’re books that are donated to the Friends of the Sonoma Valley Library by the community. The next book sale has been slated for Nov. 19-22.