Bring back Senior Wellness program



Editor, Index Tribune:

I am writing to express my disappointment and sadness at the termination of the Senior Wellness Program at Sonoma Valley Hospital. The program was a valuable contribution to the large population of seniors here in Sonoma.

My own personal journey at Senior Wellness started in April 2013, when the program in its current form was started. The program has been essential to my rehabilitation after a severe illness two years ago. The classes and exercise equipment were helping me recover my strength and balance so I could resume my ability to walk safely. Coordinator Roberta King’s personal attention to participants, and her “Gentle Yoga” classes, motivated me to do more at home. I am so grateful to her and all the very helpful staff.

Unfortunately, the referral to the Compass program at Park Point does not work for me, as the limited hours and accessibility are inconvenient and I cannot afford the added expense on my limited budget. My wish and request is for a Senior Wellness Center somewhere here in Sonoma. I can only hope that the hospital will attempt to find the funding to resume the program, which helps many of us enjoy greater mobility and health.

Lynnette Peters


  • Dee Test

    Medicare funding has been zapped from all the US medical providers, leaving our seniors and disabled with less and less resources and opportunities to maintain their health and viability. This is a direct consequence of Obamacare, although the media have been reticent to expose what is happening.