BGCSV men’s hoops reaches season finales


It’s been a fun and action-packed return of men’s hoops at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Sonoma Valley as the Sunday Night Men’s Recreational Basketball 25-years-and-older six-team league has reached the final night of its regular-season games.

Heading into Sunday’s, March 23, BGCSV men’s league regular-season finales, the Ravens are still unbeaten with a 9-0 record, followed in the standings by Boys & Girls Clubs of Sonoma Valley’s Boyz II Men at 7-2, Don & Sons Wednesday Warriors’ 5-4, Envolve Late 90s Altimira Wolf Pack’s 4-5, and the Free Agents and the Bulls’ 1-8 each.

In last Sunday’s games, the front-running Ravens edged the BGCSV Boyz II Men 73-69, led by Drew Davis’ game-high 20 points, Matt Cousins’ 19, Luke Domingue’s 17, Casey Moll’s 15 and Salvador Chavez’s three. Pacing BGCSV were Tyler Dixon’s 19 points, Cody Gatton’s 11, Deandre Clark and Dillion Rossini’s nine each, Nick Haley and Alex Mediena’s six apiece, Juan Mediena’s three and Peter Livingston’s two.

Envolve Late 90s Altimira Wolf Pack defeated the Bulls 101-53, led by Mike Benziger’s game-high 26 points, Carlos Gonzales’ 25, Kelvin Parker Jr.’s 20, Ryan McMillan’s 15, Danny Fay’s 10 and Brandon Richter’s two. The Bulls were paced by Alfredo Rafael’s 15 points, Melvin Hardy’s 12, Ang Em and Luis Zamora’s 11 each, and Israel Ortiz’s eight.

Don & Sons Wednesday Warriors won on a forfeit by the Free Agents.


On March 9, the Ravens downed the Bulls 67-48, led by Eduardo Garcia’s game-high 19 points, Cousins’ 18, Chavez’s 10, Moll’s nine, Davis’ eight and Hugo Zamudio’s three. The Bulls were paced by Luis Barrik’s 18 points, Rafael’s 13, Em’s eight, Hardy’s four, Zamora’s three and Marco Mendoza’s two.

BGCSV Boyz II Men nipped Don & Sons Wednesday Warriors 72-71, led with 13 points each Rossini, Gatton and Dixon, Gene Truong and James Self’s 11 apiece, Haley’s five, and Livingston and Eric Gonzales’ three each. Pacing Don & Sons were Anthony Albano’s game-high 28 points, Danny Egnew’s 16, Matt Purtell and Donny Sebastiani’s 11 apiece, and Eric Penzon’s five.

Envolve Late 90s Altimira Wolf Pack topped the Free Agents 61-48, led by Benziger’s game-high 23 points, McMillan’s 16, Fay’s 15 and Ray Lavoy’s six. The Agents were paced by Ryan Weeks’ 18 points, Nufo Alvarez’s 13, Diego Sanchez’s six, and Tyler Nethaway and Koi Vu’s four apiece.


In games played March 2, the Ravens edged Envolve Late 90s Altimira Wolf 62-57, led by Domingue’s game-high 20 points and Davis’ 15. Pacing Envolve were Benziger’s 17 points and Andrew Ryan’s 14.

BGCSV Boyz II Men upended the Free Agents 61-57, led by Rossini’s game-high 31 points and Haley’s 12, while the Agents were paced by Sanchez’s 22 points and Weeks’ 16.

Don & Sons Wednesday Warriors tamed the Bulls 85-57, led by Egnew and Sebastiani’s game-high 29 points each, while the Bulls were paced by Rafael’s 17 points and Isreal Ortiz’s 13.


On Feb. 23, the Ravens trim the BGCSV Boyz II Men 56-51, led by Davis’ game-high 19 points, Domingue’s 14, Garcia’s nine, Moll’s seven and Chavez’s six. Pacing BGCSV were Gatton’s 14 points, Deandre Clark’s 13, Dixon’s eight, Alex Medeina’s six, Self’s four, and Truong and Haley’s three each.

Envolve Late 90s Altimira Wolf Pack beat the Bulls 74-66, led by Ryan’s game-high 19 points, Benziger’s 18, Kelvin Parker Jr.’s 14, Travis Clegg’s 10, Carlos Gonzales’ eight and Fay’s one. The Bulls were paced by Rafael’s 18 points, Hardy’s 12, Steve Mills’ 10, Em’s nine, Barrik’s eight, Zamora’s seven and Ortiz’s two.

Don & Sons Wednesday Warriors defeated the Free Agents 67-39, led by Albano’s game-high 19 points, Egnew’s 18, Purtell’s 16, Sebastiani’s eight and Ryan Granko’s six. The Agents were paced by Vu and Alvarez’s eight points apiece, Brandon Richter’s five, Weeks’ four, and Mike Rivas and Elias Spiridonos’ two each.