Beware the Watkins effect, “no” on B

Letter to the Editor

By I-T letters

Editor, Index-Tribune:

A diverse cross-section of groups and individuals have come out opposing Measure B because they realize the unintended consequences the measure would have on Sonoma’s city services and our quality of life. The Sonoma County Deputy Sheriffs Association, Sonoma Valley Vintners and Growers Alliance, Sonoma Valley Visitors Bureau, Sonoma Valley Chamber of Commerce and North Bay Labor Council represent diverse interests covering public safety, agriculture, tourism, business and labor, and they stand united against Measure B because of the long-term, negative impacts Measure B would have on Sonoma. Even 30-year Greenbelt Alliance member Laney Thornton has spoken out against Measure B.

Meanwhile, proponents of Measure B have picked up just one organizational endorsement from a board of directors who all live outside of the City of Sonoma and the Sonoma Valley at-large. One of those board members happens to be the wife of Warren Watkins, donor to the “Yes” on B campaign and who has vowed to emulate Measure B in Healdsburg. There is no doubt the Watkins effect helped influence the only organization backing those in favor of Measure B.

The diverse and wide spread opposition to Measure B derives from the multitude of community organizations and Sonoma residents who see the bigger picture for our community and haven’t bought into the scare tactics or misleading sound bites. It’s no wonder they will be protecting our quality of life by voting “no” on B.

Steve Burns


  • Fred Allebach

    Regarding the number of endorsers against Measure B: This could also take the twist from a parable from an Icelandic Saga: The counsel of fools is worse the more of them there are.

  • Mike Stephens

    Regarding the number of endorsers against Measure B = Educated/Intelligent Voters. We are teh group the donates, volunteers and want Sonoma to not just survive, but thrive. As I go around knocking on doors and speaking the truth about Measure B and all that is wrong with this measure it is refreshing to see that a majority of this town understands why we need to VOTE NO on MEASURE B.