‘No’ on B mailer is ridiculous

Letter to the Editor

By I-T letters

Editor, Index-Tribune:

The latest mailer from the “No on B” campaign would almost be humorous, if it weren’t so ridiculous. The mailer claims that if Measure B passes, prohibiting construction of large hotels in Sonoma, traffic will increase and be backed up all the way to Fifth Street West. The assumption, according to the mailer, is that if a large hotel is not built on the Plaza, the only alternative would be a strip mall or chain store, and out-of-towners would flock into Sonoma just to visit our strip mall.

We currently have city ordinances in place that prohibit chain stores from being built on our historic Plaza. Large hotels that can accommodate conferences and wedding receptions will generate more traffic than smaller hotels built solely to accommodate overnight guests.

The “No on B” campaign must have the same out-of-towners producing their mailers that have been going around town trying to tell people how to vote. They clearly haven’t spent much time here, and don’t understand that this is a quality of life issue for the people of Sonoma. By passing Measure B, we can continue to serve both tourists and residents. I live and work in Sonoma, and I am raising my family here – I urge you to join me in voting “yes” on B to stop large hotels.

Laura Declercq


  • bob edwards

    The entire No on B campaign of “Protect Sonoma” is apparently being produced and run by professional political consultants and lobbyists from out of town, who sometimes recruit compliant Valley residents to sign pre-drated letters in an effort to give them a ‘local’ flavor. According to its FPPC forms, the contactsfor Protect Sonoma lead to a law firm in Sacramento. Unlike Yes on B supporters who are all local residents, many if not most of those going door-to-door to defeat Measure B are paid union workers imported from Santa Rosa and other bay area towns, because few if any residents are willing to go door-to-door to defeat Measure B.