B is beautiful

Letter to the Editor

By I-T letters

Editor, Index-Tribune:

Goodness, gracious, the Tuesday I-T editorial page was a virtual barrage of naysayers about Measure B. You’d think that the sky was gonna fall for sure if Measure B passed.

Everyone, it seemed, who was anybody, present mayors, past mayors, labor union types, past commissioners with a smattering of citizens thrown in for good measure, raised their collective voices against “B.” I’ve been counting the posters – the maroon “B is Bad” seem to outnumber the green. All said, I am compelled to add my two cents worth, and that is something I’m sure “B” advocates would agree upon – you let one “large” hotel in, you open the door to more. It’s downtown sprawl instead of urban boundary sprawl. Just like the proliferation of tasting rooms around the Plaza – growth happens, and before you know it we’ve lost the small town character and charm we’ve fought to preserve. Small is beautiful. “B” isn’t Bad, “B” is Beautiful.

Jude Cassel Williams

Diamond A

  • David Eichar

    The percentage of No vs. Yes on B letters does not reflect the overall opinion of the voters of Sonoma, and it may not represent the letters to the editor as well. The last 4 letters I have written to the I-T over the past couple of months have not been published.

  • Fred Allebach

    I noticed the same lack of letter balance with the Jazz Fest issue. My favorite quote from the editor on that one was that the issue was too complicated for citizens to understand. People who didn’t want it were just too thick.