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THE CYPRESS STRING QUARTET will perform at Vintage House senior center on Sunday, March 9.

Cypress String Quartet performs March 9

The critically acclaimed Cypress String Quartet returns to Sonoma on Sunday, March 9, with a guest artist, to perform in concert at Vintage House senior center, Sonoma.

Valley Forum

Honoring 50 years of the Civil Rights Act

This February, I hope you’ll join our community in celebrating Black History Month by recognizing a defining moment in our nation’s history: the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act.


Kudos for shelter coverage

Please convey our deep appreciation for the excellent article written by Kendall Fields regarding the Sonoma Severe Weather Shelter. In our estimation, she did a very thorough and empathetic piece on both the issue of homelessness and our efforts to provide a dry, safe, warm place for the homeless when we experience severe weather.


The true heart of Sonoma

Editor, Index-Tribune: I rarely agree with Bill Lynch, but his tribute to Peg McAleese and Jerry Casson et al. was fitting and needed (Bill’s Musings, Feb. 14). It is (was) these women, and others in the community, who represent the true heart of Sonoma. I’d add to the list Sue Weeks and Susan Hollman of… Continue Reading >>


We’re romantic – what’s to complain about?

Editor, Index-Tribune: Regarding Sonoma’s selection as one of America’s most romantic cities, I was taught in rhetoric class that a rhetorical question is poor writing. Please forgive me for the following; it seemed the most efficient way to make my point. How many more accolades must be bestowed upon our wonderful city before the complainers,… Continue Reading >>


Confusing first-name familiarity

First of all, I would like to complement Kendall Fields on the recent article, “Sheltering homeless Sonomans” (Index-Tribune, Feb. 11). Not only was the article timely, but it was well written, laying out not only the scope, but also the depth of the problem in our beloved Sonoma.

Mosey Boys perform at library

In conjunction with the Friends of the Sonoma Valley Library winter book sale, the music trio The Mosey Boys will play at the Sonoma Valley Library at 1 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 22 in the main room of the library.

June Marie Poseley Graham

June Marie Poseley Graham

June Marie Poseley Graham 93, of El Verano, passed away peacefully at home with her beloved caregivers and friends at her bedside.

Gorin hosts town hall meeting in Kenwood

First District Supervisor Susan Gorin will hold a meet the merchants meeting and a town hall meeting in Kenwood Wednesday, Feb. 19, to discuss general concerns for residents in the Kenwood community.

Ropes Course sets training program

Challenge Sonoma Adventure Ropes Course (CSARC) is gearing up for its annual Springs Ropes Course Leader Training Program on March 6-9 at one of northern California’s most beautiful ropes courses located on Sonoma Mountain above the Sonoma Developmental Center in Eldridge.

A small army of PG&E workers descended on the Highway 12 and Madrone Road intersection Wednesday to move five power poles 25 feet in preparation for the stoplight that will be going in at the intersection. Robbi Pengelly/Index-Tribune

Moving power poles

A small army of PG&E workers descended on the Highway 12 and Madrone Road intersection Wednesday to move five power poles 25 feet in preparation for the stoplight that will be going in at the intersection.


The lunatics are running the asylum

I just heard that a random sample of 100 people receiving disability checks are in prison. We are issuing food stamps, prescription drugs and Medicare to inmates too. Our brain-dead leaders of the Republican Party are sitting by watching the debt ceiling be expanded without a peep, as well as Emperor Obama changing laws unconstitutionally without a cry for the rule of law.


Is wind energy too airy-fairy?

Wind energy may not be as free as we think. Nowhere, whether on the micro scale or the macro scale, is there a free lunch. There is a great deal of atmospheric energy, but how sensitive is the system?


Items sought for Lions crab feed

As a member of the Valley of the Moon Lions Club, I am proud to announce that we are planning our annual crab feed. This event serves about 300-plus people and is well-supported and attended by the community.

Letter to the Editor

Hoping City Council approves ice cream signs

Recently, we sent the following letter to the Sonoma City Council:
Dear Council members, this letter is sent to you in regards to our local ice cream business at 408 First St. E.

Valley Forum

Grossly misrepresenting AIPAC?

Last Friday’s Op-Ed by Richard Ridenour (“Time to rethink AIPAC influence on U.S. policy”) grossly misrepresents the positions of AIPAC and Israel in determining American policy towards Iran. The question is how to best stop the Ayatollah’s drive towards nuclear weapons without having to resort to war. Sanctions are what brought Iran to the negotiating table, but the premature easing of sanctions has led to announcements from Iran that various components of their nuclear weapons program – the underground centrifuges at Fordo, the heavy water reactor at Arak, and their ICBM program – are now “red lines” and non-negotiable. Americans might want to ask themselves how any of these are part of a peaceful nuclear energy program.