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Children will have the chance to participate in a more youth-focused version of the National Audubon bird count at the Valley’s eighth annual Christmas Bird Count 4 Kids, held at the Sonoma Community Center on Sunday, Jan. 12.

Kids counting birds

Children will have the chance to participate in a more youth-focused version of the National Audubon bird count at the Valley’s eighth annual Christmas Bird Count 4 Kids, held at the Sonoma Community Center on Sunday, Jan. 12. The event has reached capacity, but parents can add kids to a waiting list.

Meeting to unveil Fryer Creek flood reduction plan

Sonoma residents will be able to learn about a project that will help reduce flooding in Fryer Creek while recharging groundwater in the City of Sonoma at 6 p.m., Wednesday, Jan. 29, at the Community Meeting Room, 177 First St. W.

LOCAL GIRL SCOUTS Sarah Kenton and Sofia Serbicki pull trees from a pickup truck before loading into a bin.

Last chance for Christmas tree recycling

Valley residents and businesses have one last chance to take advantage of the Girl Scout Christmas tree recycling program by leaving their tree at the curb by 9 a.m. tomorrow, Saturday, Jan. 11.

Man twice makes threats to kill family

A Sonoma man who was arrested on Dec. 16, for making threats against a mother and her two children in the 18000 block of Highway 12, was arrested again on Dec. 29, for again making threats against the family.


Make torture report public

Shortly after the Abu Ghraib photographs became public, Secretary of State Colin Powell described telling foreign audiences, “Watch America. Watch how we deal with this. Watch how America will do the right thing. Watch what a nation of values and character, a nation that believes in justice, does to right this kind of wrong.”

Valley Forum

An atheist responds to ‘ignorant duck hunter’ attack

With regards to Ernie Guomas’ letter to the editor rant, responding to the Glenn Mollette Op-Ed column, (“Keep free speech in America,” Dec. 31), in which Mr. Guomas references bringing firearms into coffee shops (the sky is falling, the sky is falling!), and to Mr. Sokolowskis’ hate-filled diatribe about “some ignorant, backwoods duck hunter,” I have this response.

Letter to the Editor

But if you flaunt, are you a flauntist?

Editor, Index-Tribune:

Q. What instrument does a flautist play?

A. A flute.

Q. Which one of these is not a word in English? Flautist, flutist, flaut, flute.

A. Flaut.

Letter to the Editor

Keeping children safe from adult children

Editor, Index-Tribune:

The Jan. 7 editorial, entitled “Legal child abuse,” is spot on, and therefore you deserve sincere kudos for everything said – which simply echoes what common logic and good judgment is all about. I mean, who takes their children to these kinds of movies and allows them to just sit there and cry to a keening wail without doing something about it?

Letter to the Editor

Spare the air eco-fatigue

Editor, Index-Tribune:

I want to thank Roger Hartley for his Jan. 7 Op-Ed stating that the BAAQMD deserves closer scrutiny and analysis – even if his point makes me grudgingly accept that my husband may have been “right.”

Letter to the Editor

Charge cars more on spare-the-air days

Editor, Index-Tribune:
Thank you for the excellent op-ed piece by Mr. Hartley about the spare-the-air politics (“Our air does not need to be spared,” Jan. 7).

Letter to the Editor

Brown’s perquisites of office?

Editor, Index-Tribune:

One of the city attorney’s duties is verifying that what Ken Brown does is legal. He might take a look at Brown’s two jobs as a newspaper columnist and a radio personality. Isn’t it a law that journalists who run for public office must resign from their positions because their media forums give them an unfair advantage, or do we just believe it should be?

Black & White Jazz takes SCC stage

The Sonoma Community Center is hosting Black & White Jazz, a three-concert series on the Rotary Stage in Andrews Hall that begins Saturday, Jan. 18.

The Guangzhou Opera House, designed by Zaha Hadid is one of the buildings Ann Wicklund will talk about in her two-part lecture series at the Sonoma Valley 
Museum of Art. Submitted photo

SVMA lectures focus on architecture exhibit

Complementing its current exhibition, “Site & Sense: The Architecture of Aidlin Darling Design,” the Sonoma Valley Museum of Art presents Icons of Modern Architecture Lecture Series from 2 to 4 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 14, and Tuesday, Jan. 21.

Bronze exhibit debuts at New Leaf Gallery

A New Leaf Gallery/Sculpturesite at Cornerstone Sonoma will host the exhibition “In Bronze,” on view from Jan. 12 to March 30. And the gallery will be hosting a reception from 2 to 4 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 12.

Chorale seeks new voices

There is still time to join the Sonoma Valley Chorale and be a part of its upcoming mid-March Antonin Dvorak concerts in Santa Rosa and Sonoma.

Gonzalo ‘Moto’ Monarque

Gonzalo ‘Moto’ Monarque

Gonzalo ‘Moto’ Monarque, who resided in Salinas, was born in 1926 and was raised in Sonoma. He was the son of Raul and Olimpia Monarque. He attended Flowery Grammar School and Sonoma Valley High School, graduating in 1945. He was a competitive athlete, participating in baseball, track, basketball and the first football team for the… Continue Reading >>

Frederick ‘Fred’ Eugene Aikens

Frederick ‘Fred’ Eugene Aikens

Frederick “Fred” Eugene Aikens, 72, of Sutter Creek, Ca., passed away quickly and peacefully at home on Friday, Dec. 27, 2013, in the arms of Marsha and Doreen with his loving dog, Lola, by his side. Fred loved life and enjoyed it to the fullest in every aspect. His love of family, friends, and his… Continue Reading >>