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Letter to the Editor

Mandating living wage is Marxist

Editor, Index-Tribune:

In response to the letter from Will Shonbrun (Index-Tribune Dec. 10, “$15 is a real living wage,”) I would ask, Will, can you define what makes up the living wage of $15 you demand? Does it include any costs of benefits?

Letter to the Editor

Drakes Bay pro bono case, contracts and homeowner rights

Editor, Index-Tribune: Regarding Drakes Bay Oyster Farm’s ongoing litigation: Pro Bono work is not free. It comes at considerable cost to the legal firm providing the services. It is not a tax-deductible expense for the law firm or lawyers themselves. Pro Bono services do not necessarily cover all expenses associated with a case. Each situation… Continue Reading >>

Letter to the Editor

Homeowner rights are property rights

Editor, Index-Tribune:

Regarding the Democratic Party and property rights – the 2012 California Democratic Party Platform includes the following plank addressing protecting existing homeowner property rights:

Letter to the Editor

Share your budget priorities

Editor, Index-Tribune:

Two months ago, we saw Congress at its worst: a 16-day government shutdown that never should have happened, which caused an estimated $24 billion in costs to our economy and eroded faith in our government.

Sonoma Raceway employees Barbara Gaglione, left, and Diana Brennan sort some of the toys that were donated for Saturday’s ninth annual Holiday Children’s Christmas Party. Bill Hoban/Index-Tribune

Sorting toys

Sonoma Raceway employees Barbara Gaglione, left, and Diana Brennan sort some of the toys that were donated for Saturday’s ninth annual Holiday Children’s Christmas Party.

B.R. COHN CONCERT RECIPIENTS, from left, included Fred Fegan (Sonoma Field of Dreams), Billy Bartz (Redwood Empire Food Bank), Gary Magnani (American Legion Post 489), Arden Kremer (Valley of the Moon Aquatics), Pat Stevens (Native Sons and Jack London State Park), Terry Leen (American Legion Post 489), Bruce Cohn (B.R. Cohn Winery), Laurie Cohn, Laura Zimmerman (Sonoma Valley Education Foundation), Bob Kinsey (American Legion Post 489) and Teresa Murphy (Sonoma Developmental Center).

B.R. Cohn concert distributes $200K

In an annual holiday tradition, philanthropist, manager and concert promoter Bruce Cohn distributed more than $200,000 on Dec. 5 to an eclectic variety of nonprofits during a reception at the B.R. Cohn Winery Tasting Room in Glen Ellen.

Booze, drugs and a loaded gun

It had all the makings for a perfect storm – alcohol, drugs and a loaded gun. But Sonoma Valley Sheriff’s deputies made sure the situation didn’t blow out of control.

Kathleen A. Gifford

Kathleen A. Gifford

Kathleen A. Gifford, 64, was born in Kansas City, Mio., on Jan. 9, 1949. Her parents were Clarence and Inez Johnson. Kathy died at Sonoma Valley Hospital on Nov. 17, 2013, due to a severe illness. She has been a resident of Sonoma Valley since 1985. Kathy is survived by her husband, Earle Gifford, also… Continue Reading >>

Joyce Cecelia McNamara

Joyce Cecelia McNamara

Joyce Cecelia McNamara (nee Obenchain), 94, of Sonoma, died Dec. 9, 2013, in Sonoma. Joyce was born of the Fourth of July in 1919 and was often referred to as a real firecracker. She was the wife of the late William McNamara for 54 years and loving mother of Elizabeth M. Wells, William A. McNamara,… Continue Reading >>

Cal Focus

Court ruling could make bullet train affordable, sensible

By Thomas D. Elias Whether it’s the possibility of a magnetic levitation train or the hyperloop proposed by Elon Musk, the route of potential alternative designs for California’s putative bullet train invariably follows Interstate 5 from just west of Bakersfield to the San Francisco Bay area. That’s why the Thanksgiving week ruling by a Sacramento… Continue Reading >>

Valley Forum

Ban the Cyclocross at Maxwell Farms

By Teri Shore This is an excerpted copy of a letter I sent to Caryl Hart, executive director of Sonoma County Regional Parks: I was shocked and dumbfounded to find on the very wet morning of Dec. 7, Maxwell Farms Regional Park was cordoned off for the Bike Monkey and CX Nation Cyclocross mountain bike… Continue Reading >>

Letter to the Editor

A heartless thief and a stolen gift that won’t be given

Editor, Index-Tribune: To the thug who helped himself to my backyard patio last night to steal my newly-delivered, 46-inch, Samsung TV, I want you to know it was a gift for my 83-year-old, wheelchair-bound client, who is suffering with MS. She watches TV all day long and has an old one from the 1980’s. I… Continue Reading >>

Letter to the Editor

$15 is a real living wage

Editor, Index-Tribune: People who tout $10 to $11 an hour as a living wage do not have labor’s interest at heart. Fifteen dollars an hour is a living wage in today’s world, as it is in Sonoma and as it’s recognized in Australia. Ten to eleven bucks an hour is a minimum wage, as that… Continue Reading >>

Letter to the Editor

Oyster rights that are not self-evident

Editor, Index-Tribune: Regarding the ongoing Drakes Bay oyster farm controversy: The federal government owns the land, but only one bureaucrat, former Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, made the decision about how that land will be used and disposed of in this particular case. And he made an arbitrary decision to make the land go back to… Continue Reading >>

Letter to the Editor

Oyster contract can’t be forced

Editor, Index-Tribune: Here’s an alternate take on the (Drakes Bay) oyster situation: The American Revolution enshrined the merchant class over the aristocracy. Freedom of contract is the business class’s highest value. The oyster guy’s contract ran out and was not renewed. The oyster guy and his supporters then feel this isn’t fair and want to… Continue Reading >>


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