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Editorial: A season of change

The first verse of Ecclesiastes 3 has about it a wonderfully universal flavor, in that it can explain, define and lay claim to almost every human experience and condition.

IGNACIO FIGUERAS, best known as Nacho, a world-famous polo player, takes a 7-year-old Giant Steps client named Grace Anne for a ride on his polo pony. Drew Altizer Photography/Special to the Index-Tribune

Nacho and Giant Steps draw polo crowd

Polo isn’t new to Sonoma Valley – it’s been played at the Wild Oak Saddle Club in Oakmont since about 1975 – but it may never have reached the heights of elegant attention in the Valley that it received Sept. 20, when the St. Regis Cup arrived at Wild Oak, in company with international star Ignacio Figueras, best known as Nacho.


Editorial: Behind the Valley ‘portrait’

If the Sonoma Valley were a person under psychiatric care, the diagnosis might well be some form of dissociative identity disorder, a personality split between dramatic extremes.

County report paints portrait of Valley

In recent years, Sonoma has been recognized by one or another reviewing entity as the nation’s first Citta Slow city, one of America’s friendliest cities, one of its most romantic cities, a best Fourth of July city, and on and on.


Editorial: Cars vs. bikes is about proximity

Last week the three-feet law – officially known as the Three Feet for Safety Act – went into affect all over California, requiring motorists to keep that margin of safe distance between their vehicles and the bicycles they pass on the road.


Editorial: Groundwater regulation – at last

Without a shot being fired or a writ being filed, California has gone through an overnight revolution that could – or at least should – rewrite the regulation of what is, in times of drought, the single greatest source of water in the state.

Groundwater rules will force change

A landmark trio of bills passed by the state Legislature and signed into law by Gov. Jerry Brown on Tuesday promise to change the way California manages groundwater.

This is the house on Warm springs Road where a fatal shooting took place on Sept. 13. David Bolling/Index-Tribne

No charges filed in GE shooting death

As of Thursday, no charges had been filed in the shooting death of 73-year-old Alice Rosewsky, the Glen Ellen resident Sheriff’s deputies say was killed by her bedridden husband when she allegedly attacked him with a knife.

City set to study minimum wage impacts

At the urging of Sonoma City Councilmember Steve Barbose, city staff are preparing to hire a consultant to report on the feasibility of a minimum wage ordinance covering all jobs within city limits. The item came up for discussion on the agenda of the Sept. 3 City Council meeting and drew strong support from a… Continue Reading >>

Victim identified in Glen Ellen shooting

The 73-year-old Glen Ellen woman shot to death in her Warm Springs Road home Saturday evening has been identified by the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office as Alice Rosewsky. According to property records, she was the wife of Hans Rosewsky, who fired the two shots that killed her. Sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to the modest, 944-square… Continue Reading >>

I Choose pic

‘I Choose’ campaign promotes SVHS

Sonoma Valley High School and its students, teachers and graduates are highlighted in a new campaign launched this summer aimed at engendering wider community support for, and pride in, the high school. Drivers on Broadway were the first to notice the launch of the “I Choose” campaign on Aug. 5, when a large billboard went… Continue Reading >>

CSEC reverses Plaza proposal

In a rambling reversal of course Wednesday night, the Community Services and Environment Commission backed away from a set of proposed policy changes that would have banished from the Plaza the 50-foot-long SONOMAWOOD sign that heralds the Sonoma International Film Festival each spring. The advisory group also backtracked on a recommendation that the film festival’s… Continue Reading >>

Pool purchase set to close next week

With one week to go before purchase of the old Paul’s Resort site for a new community pool complex, members of the Sonoma Valley Health and Recreation Association (SVHRA) are confident about two things. First, they’re sure that they will reach comfortable accord with the Sonoma City Council on the terms of a $500,000 city… Continue Reading >>

CSEC to meet Wednesday on Plaza policy

The Community Services and Environment Commission (CSEC), which proposed in an Aug. 20 letter a set of more restrictive Plaza use policies, will meet in public session on Wednesday, Sept. 10 at 6:30 p.m. to take comments and discuss the suggested changes to the city’s special events policy. The meeting will be held in the… Continue Reading >>

Red-nosed with enthusiasm for the Red & White Ball were (front row, left to right) Richard Nevins, Holly Kyle and Wanda McAleese. Back row, left to right, are Sharon Nevins, Charlie Terzian, Carol Downing, Steve Kyle, Vicki Ranzau, Jill Powers and Jim Powers. Photo by Robbi Pengelly/Index-Tribune

Red & White all over

At last count, 720 Sonoma Valley citizens, and uncounted out-of-town guests, paid $100 or more to don the colors of the evening and take a seat on the Plaza lawn for dinner at the annual Red & White Ball. Another 200 or so just came to dance. The Sonoma tradition, originally created to raise funds… Continue Reading >>

Gabriel Holbrow wades in Calabazas Creek on Tuesday – a creek that was almost dry until the earthquake on Aug. 24. Robbi Pengelly/Index-Tribune

Quake shakes water free in Valley creeks

Bone-dry creek beds flowing off the Mayacamas range, as well as from Sonoma Mountain, sprang back to life in Sonoma Valley last week, following the 6.0, Aug. 24 earthquake that rocked Napa.

Retired Gen. Tony Zinni will talk about US foreign policy as part of the Sonoma Valley Mentoring Alliance Speaker Series on Friday, Sept. 19.

Editorial: Lessons from Gen. Zinni

In 1967, when the Vietnam War was raging across a corner of Southeast Asia, as well as across college campuses all over America, a young Marine lieutenant named Anthony Zinni was acting as an infantry advisor to groups of battle-hardened, indigenous Vietnamese Marines.

QUAKE SURVIVORS – Buena Vista’s director of retail operations Tom Blackwood (left) and winery owner Jean-Charles Boisset in front of the historic cellar building that survived the 6.0 quake with no structural damage. Robbi Pengelly/Index-Tribune

How Buena Vista survived the quake

In the early morning of Aug. 24, seconds after the 6.0 earthquake shook Napa into flames and rubble, winery owner Jean-Charles Boisset sat up in bed, clutched his wife Gina Gallo and their twin daughters, confirmed they were all safe, and then, he later said, “The first thing I thought about was Buena Vista.”


Editorial: It does take a village

Hillary Clinton was taken to task by conservative critics who complained that the title and theme of her 1996 book, “It Takes a Village,” somehow promoted collectivism which, as we all know, is one step removed from socialism and total government control of our lives.

PIXAR’S JOHN LASSETER and Café La Haye owner Saul Gropman celebrate a winning auction lot for dinner at Gropman’s popular Sonoma restaurant. Robbi Pengelly/Index-Tribune

Sonoma Harvest Wine Auction raises record $4 million

The Great Recession may not be over for everyone, but members of the aristocracy of wine demonstrated with their auction paddles that good times are here again, raising $4 million at the annual Sonoma Harvest Wine Auction.


Editorial: CSEC Plaza policy is misguided

The Sonoma Plaza is considered by many to be hallowed ground, consecrated in the minds of many citizens by the generations of residents and visitors who have found peace and pleasure in its leafy eight acres, never mind that no one is known to be buried there and no ecclesiastical authority has ever, to anyone’s knowledge, bestowed an official blessing.

TELEVISION FILM CREWS wait for a press conference to begin in downtown Napa Sunday afternoon. David Bolling/Index-Tribune

Napa suffers brunt of quake damage

Bill Linder was standing barefoot on hot asphalt outside his home on Patty Way, in the Napa Valley Mobile Home Park, some 12 hours after three neighboring homes were reduced to twisted sheets of aluminum and unrecognizable debris.