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Boy finds Jesus, boy loses Jesus

For some, the 1970s were a hurly burly of hot tubs and hedonism. For playwright, performer and local journalist David Templeton, it was puppets and Christian Fundamentalism. He eventually outgrew both and shares the life lessons learned along the way with comedy and heart in his one-man show, “Wretch Like Me, or How I Was… Continue Reading >>


Readin’ & writin’ with robots

Writers who fear that computers will someday displace them may shudder to learn that the machines won’t just write the books, they will read them too. In recent months, both researchers and literary critics are harnessing computational power to “read” books in an effort to divine qualities human writers and readers haven’t the bandwidth to… Continue Reading >>


International April Fools films

On the heels of next Tuesday’s April Fool’s Day is the April 2 kickoff of the 17th Annual Sonoma International Film Festival. Though tempted, I’ll avoid cinematic satire and direct readers to the 2014 Festival Preview Guide, which can be downloaded at SonomaFilmFest.org. For your convenience, certain omissions to the guide are included below for… Continue Reading >>


Snakes on a wane

I’ve had snakes on the brain. While researching St. Patty’s-themed notions, everything I read was trying to convince me that St. Patrick single-handedly drove the snakes from Ireland. He didn’t. Patrick drove out paganism, which scholars say the snakes symbolized. Since there aren’t any pagans or snakes in Ireland, it looks good for Pat. Of… Continue Reading >>


Marlowe and me – Santa Rosa siblings

This haunts me — Philip Marlowe, the hardboiled detective of author Raymond Chandler’s oeuvre, is 42-years-old and was born in Santa Rosa, Calif.. If I weren’t such a fan, these fictional factoids would be of little interest to me. But I am, so they are, and having chanced upon them only recently has caused no… Continue Reading >>


Listicles, X-Men and Top Ten Top Tens

Among the various breeds of online brain-candy, by far one of the most insidious is the so-called “Listicle.” A portmanteau of “list” and “article,” the word sounds like what would result if you tattooed your grocery list on a particular part of the male anatomy (which would probably fit right in with the adventuresome inksters… Continue Reading >>


Newspapers outdated? Read some DNA

Last year, scientists at the European Bioinformatics Institute created a DNA information storage and retrieval system – think “organic hard drive” – and tested it by uploading sonnets, sound clips and how-to’s. Basically, they scraped through the public domain archive of Wikimedia Commons, although they were ultimately discerning in their selections. The information, stored on… Continue Reading >>


Sonomantic Sonoma and the Tile of Denial

According to Travel + Leisure, Sonoma ranks No. 8 among “America’s Most Romantic Cities.” Apparently we have myriad “couples-friendly enticements,” which sounds more like a Craigslist “casual encounters” ad than is probably meant.


From Gutenberg to the googolplex

Like many writers, I’m occasionally concerned with the reach of my work. Since this column also lives online at the newspaper’s website (and is often sliced and diced by my own hand into other online enclaves as well), it naturally has a potential reach that transcends Sonoma. Though I’ve invested much of myself in the “Sonoma Wide Web,” I have to admit that the World Wide Web has a tad more allure. It also sounds so direly ’90s when written out – or even about – that I can’t wait to get to the next paragraph.


Edible shoes and The Daily Meal

The 39th annual Winter Fancy Food Show wrapped up its an annual three-day edible expo at San Francisco’s Moscone Center this week. The movable feast was comprised of more than 80,000 specialty foods and beverages proffered by 1,350 exhibitors from across the U.S. and 35 countries and regions. And, of course, Sonoma was among them.


Taking the redwood out of wine country

Not to be outdone by the upcoming State of the Union and State of the State addresses, Sonoma County has its own State of the County address. Next Friday, Economic Development Board director Ben Stone and his team will talk shop about the economic bounty of the county at Rohnert Park’s DoubleTree Hotel (full disclosure: the EDB is a client of CMedia for which I’m executive director).

Grunge Thank You Card

What are you ungrateful for?

January is National Thank You Month – created, no doubt, by those with a vested interest in “thank you” card companies. Yes, I’ve grown cynical enough to believe that even expressing gratitude is a racket. Why wouldn’t it be? This is America, land of the freebooters, home of the brazen. If I could get away selling two words on a page, I would. Thank you. Mental note: Start a secondary market in “You’re Welcome” cards. Buy yacht.


An algorithm wrote this?

When I first learned about Chicago-based Narrative Science, the smallest, weakest part of my ego caught flame and soon an inferno of doubt engulfed my every thought. The firm’s artificial intelligence algorithms combine “business analytics” and “natural language communication” in a manner that makes raw data easily consumable. Basically, they’ve taught robots to write news stories. And it works.


Need a resolution to break?

You say you want a resolution well-el, you know… We’re all trying to change the world – one broken New Year’s resolution at a time. According to the UK’s Mirror, the top five New Year’s resolutions among Brits track with those of Americans (lose weight, quit smoking, spend less) apart from “eat better food.” I’m… Continue Reading >>


Sipping with Santa

As per the season, I’ve been cueing up old Christmas favorites on the iPad for my four-year-old son to watch – “It’s Christmas, Charlie Brown!” is a fave, though the work of Rankin/Bass has proven something of an uncanny valley. Scrolling through the titles has caused me to reflect on my own attempts at melding media and tradition. It’s never worked.


Chillin’ in the fro-zone with Satan

Dear God, Supreme Being, Creator of All Things and Absentee Landlord – Hope all is well up north. Down in hell, thanks to the super-frosty weather you’ve unleashed upon your dominion, everything here has arrived in the proverbial hand basket.


Squanto and a giant blue Smurf

Some years ago, I wrote a piece on the so-called “turducken,” the culinary abomination that shares its theme music with the Frankenstein movies, and received the following note from my pal Geoffrey Cain, who opined: “If you are going to write about the turducken, you should remember to mention the Brazilian turdukenaconda.

wine glasses

A digital projector and a glass of wine

It wasn’t the wine that lured me to Wine Country. It was film. At the time, this seemed like an inexplicable state of affairs, since I lived in Los Angeles, then the mecca of film production. As filmmaking has scattered to the four corners of the earth, or at least those places with access to digital technology and tax incentives, Wine Country has steadily been vinting its own film culture.

Orson Welles

The end of the world as we thought we knew it

Prior to watching the American Experience presentation of “War of the Worlds,” I assumed that John Lennon’s apology for his comments on the popularity of Jesus relative to the Beatles was the first mass media act of contrition. Wrong.


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