An atheist responds to ‘ignorant duck hunter’ attack

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By S. Lombardi

With regards to Ernie Guomas’ letter to the editor rant, responding to the Glenn Mollette Op-Ed column, (“Keep free speech in America,” Dec. 31), in which Mr. Guomas references bringing firearms into coffee shops (the sky is falling, the sky is falling!), and to Mr. Sokolowskis’ hate-filled diatribe about “some ignorant, backwoods duck hunter,” I have this response.

Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson followed the way of the true religion of peace by hating the sin but loving the sinner. Would that Mr. Sokolowski did the same, yet in his political dogmatism he stooped to adhominem attacks upon rural life in general, and to the belief in a power greater than one’s self, specifically.

The sanctioning of hate by so-called progressives towards Christians and people with southern accents is but an example.

A&E network shows the duck hunter family joining hands around their dinner table saying grace (Mr. Sokoloski, that’s when people thank a higher power; no, not the government, G-O-D).

Martin Bashirs was rightfully terminated from MSNBC for explicitly saying that a certain female politician, named by him, should be killed. That termination had nothing to do with politics, yet everything to do with sanctioned hate. Mr. Bashir found out the hard way that even MSNBC has standards. The political statement he should have made was, “I disagree with what you say but shall defend to the death your right to say it.” The religious statement would be, “Hate the sin, love the sinner.” Mr. Guomas; Rifles in Starbucks coffee shops? Your statement has more to do with your desire to mention guns in your progressive anxiety attack than it does responsibility. When shall I see the progressive, evangelical mobs running through McDonalds knocking Big Macs out of the hands of the morbidly obese clientele? Gentlemen, get over yourselves. And for the record, I’m an atheist and my politics are very independent. Good day to you both.

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S. Lombardi is a resident of Petaluma.

  • Phineas Worthington

    Tough words on the lesson that tolerance is a two way street.

  • wayne

    Well said Mr. Lombardi !!

  • Tom Sokolowski

    Mr. Lombardi, you wrote my letter was a “hate-filled diatribe.” Sorry, but I didn’t write a
    hate-filled diatribe; I wrote a very angry letter. Angry about Phil Robertson’s homophobic,
    racist, and pedophilic rants, and angry that folks who don’t know any better agreed with his opinions, calling criticisms of them an attack on his “free speech.” I was especially angry with his comment suggesting men marry young 15 year old girls because I have two daughters myself; wonder if you have any children Mr. Lombardi.

    Your comment saying I was demeaning “rural life, a greater power, Christians, and people with southern accents.” Please, I was specifically commenting on Phil Robertson’s statements only, and do not appreciate your putting words in my mouth that I never said.
    And Martin Bashir never said Sarah Palin “should be killed.” You really need to quit making stuff up.
    I don’t mind critical comments, and in fact appreciate them. But next time I hope you just comment on what’s actually said, not on what your political agenda tells you to say.

    And Sonoma Index, please don’t turn this into a letter to the editor; thanks.