An important clarification: Valley Forum

By By Larry Barnett

It has come to my attention that some members of the community may believe that I have accused Kenwood Investments of “buying off” public officials or other improper conduct with regard to dealings with the City Council or the City of Sonoma.
I have not made any such accusation, nor do I believe that any such accusations made by others are true. I do not believe any of our City Council members are corrupt or that any member of the City Council or city staff has been offered, accepted or received any reward, payment or promise in order to influence any decision.
While I have commented on feelings of distrust expressed on the part of some members of the public regarding the way the city approval process is perceived, I have no suspicions that any illegal actions have taken place. I worked with city staff and members of the City Council for many years, and I know them to be honest, hard-working citizens.
I disavow any attributions to me of any statements to the contrary that have been made by others, known and unknown, in public statements, in writing or on the Internet. Any inference by others taken from my remarks, letters, columns or communications to the contrary are mistaken, and I am sorry to hear of any such interpretations.
I ask all those who are involved in the upcoming campaign regarding the Hotel Limitation Measure initiative to focus their attention on the intent of the initiative itself, and refrain from personal attacks on any individuals or entities. I will redouble my efforts to insure that the members of the Preserving Sonoma Committee reinforce the importance of keeping discussion on the topic of policy and not personalities.
• • •
  Larry Barnett is a former Sonoma City Council member and mayor, and the former owner of a Sonoma bed and breakfast inn. He is the chair of Preserving Sonoma Committee.