Affordable Care Act workshop Friday


The Sonoma County Department of Health Services will present a workshop on the Affordable Care Act at 11 a.m., Friday, March 14, in the Sonoma Valley Regional Library’s Forum Room.

The workshop will present information on Covered California and the Affordable Care Act. There will be a question-and-answer session. Come learn about qualifications for and how to apply.

The workshop will be led by Abraham Daniels, business development manager at Sonoma County Department of Health Services, a position created to coordinate the Affordable Care Act implementation efforts.

This workshop is free and does not require any advance registration. The library is located at 755 W. Napa St.

For more information contact Lisa Musgrove at 996-5217, ext. 1111 or lmusgrove@sonoma.lib.ca.us.

  • wayne

    I find this label “affordable” a big joke. Who is going to get affordable healthcare
    under Obamacare? The only people who will get insurance at an affordable rate
    are the poor. And they will likely get it for free…or nearly free. Yes…the last time
    I checked, free was definitely affordable. The rest of us will see anything but
    affordable rates. We have already read numerous accounts in the media of
    premiums and deductables sky-rocket under Obamacare. If you don’t have
    two nickels to rub together then you got to love Obamacare. Just remember that
    the rest of us will pay more so you can have your “Affordable” healthcare.